UIF declaration

Click on UIF Declaration.

The UIF file must be submitted to the Department of Labour at the end of each month. They require the information in this file in order to keep track of contributions made and they also use this information in order to calculate any benefits payable to employees. If you submit this file, there is no need to complete manual UI19 forms or to capture the contributions manually on uFiling on a monthly basis.

The following information needs to be completed before the UIF submission can be done:

Field Description
Contact Person Name, Contact Person Telephone Number, Contact Person Email Address This information will default from the UIF contact person detail entered on the Company Information – Company Details view.The information can also be entered or edited on the UIF Submission view, but will then only be used for the current submission. Permanent changes to the contact details must be made on the Company Information – Company Details view.
Type of Run You can either do a Test run or a Live run. Only Live runs will be loaded onto the UIF database, so ensure that your final monthly submissions are always a Live run.
Run for Date This date will default to the current period en date, and cannot be changed.
File Extension The file extension will default to 001 for your first submission, and then increase incrementally by 1. Note that submitting a file with the same extension in the same processing period, will overwrite the previous submission made to UIF with the same extension number.

The information included in the file is validated according to the rules as prescribed by the UIF. When you do the submission, you might be warned that the file contains validation errors. You then have the option to continue with the submission or to cancel the submission.

If you select to continue with the submission, your file will be accepted, but the employees with errors will not be uploaded to the UIF database. A UIF error report and UIF submission report will be generated (these will be on two separate tabs).

If you select to cancel the submission, you can correct the errors and do another submission. A UIF error report will be generated when the submission is cancelled.

The UIF file is emailed to UIF, and a copy of the email will be emailed to you. You will receive a submission report from UIF as proof of your submission.