Accounting integration

Click on Accounting…Integration setup.

This view is used to set up the integration of your payroll values to your journals in Accounting and will only be visible if you have activated the Accounting integration on the Modules view.

You can only make use of this module if you have registered with Accounting. Sign up for an account here

Select your Accounting company

The values of the payroll cycle where you are currently logged in, can be posted to a company that you have setup on Accounting. The companies you have set up in Accounting are listed in the drop down. Select the correct company from the list.

If the company is not listed, please login to Accounting to add the company.

Link your accounts

The financial values in your payroll need to be debited and credited to specific accounts. The payslip definitions you have linked in your Payslip Definition Template, or any definition with a financial value will be listed on this view.

Click on the drop down lists next to the definition you want to link – the list of accounts you have setup in Accounting will display. Select the correct account from the list in both the Debit account and Credit account columns.

Click on Save once you have selected your accounts. Click on Undo to reverse any changes you have made.

If the account you want to link the definition to is not listed, please login to Accounting to add the account.

Which accounts do I debit and credit?

Generally, the following principles are applied when posting payroll journals:

  • Earnings are debited to an expense account and credited to a salary control account,
  • Deductions are debited to a salary control account and credited to liability accounts (such as PAYE, medical aid, etc),
  • Company contributions are debited to an expense account and credited to liability accounts,
  • Fringe benefits are debited and credited through the salary control account, unless the debit needs to be expensed (such as medical costs paid on behalf of the employee).

You have to add and edit all account descriptions in Accounting. Click on the Refresh button to update the changes you have made, if it has not yet updated in the payroll.

Post your journal

Click on Accounting…View journal entries.

All the payroll periods for which you can post journals will display here.

You can also post your journal from the Processing Checklist.

If you have entered a valid username and password on Accounting…Integration setup, you will be able to post journal entries.

Click on the ‘Post journal entries for xxx’ button, where xxx is the period end date. You can post the journal for the current and history payroll periods.

Only periods that are rolled over after the module has been activated can be posted.

‘You will then be redirected to the “Post Accounting Journal Entries” screen.’

Click on the ‘Generate’ button.

Not all definitions with values have been linked to a debit and credit account.

The account linking screen will display. Definitions with values that are not linked to a debit and credit account are indicated with a red exclamation mark (!)

Link these definitions, then click ‘Save’. Click on the ‘Generate’ button again.

All definitions with values are linked to a debit and credit account.

A summary and detail audit report is generated. Please check the values that will be posted and the accounts to which they will be posted.
If the values are being posted to the correct accounts, click in the checkbox next to “I have checked the audit report and want to post the journal”. Then click the ‘Post Journal’ button.

This is a direct post to your journal in Accounting. Ensure that you reconcile before posting the journal.

Post changes made to the payroll

If you make changes to your payroll after posting the journal, you will be able to update your journal with only the changes. The button will show ‘Post changes for xxx’, where xxx is the period end date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo a post?

No, once you have posted the journal, you cannot undo it.

Can I repost a journal I have already posted?

No, you cannot repost a journal. You can however post an adjustment journal if you make any changes to the payroll after you’ve posted the journal for a period.

If I have posted values to the wrong accounts, how do I correct it?

You must manually make the corrections in Accounting. Remember to change the accounts linking in the payroll to ensure that future values are posted correctly.

For assistance on values posted to Accounting, please email