Monthly leave reports

Click on Reports…Leave and click on the relevant report.

There are standard leave reports which you can print to manage your employees’ leave. These reports can be printed per cycle.

To get more detail about the content and printing options of each report, select the report name from the menu on the left.

Employee Leave Transaction report

Click on Reports…Leave…Employee Leave Transactions.

This report gives you various options to print leave transactions. It can be used to check the leave transactions captured in a specific payroll period, to print leave transactions that fall within a selected date range or you can print all leave transactions.

A leave transaction is always included in a date range based on the start date of the transactions.

Employee Leave Summary

Click on Reports…Leave…Employee Leave Summary.

This report prints a summary of an employee’s leave view. It indicates whether the employee is linked to calendar days or working days.

It also indicates the following per employee:

  • Applicable leave definitions and rules,
  • Cycle start date,
  • Cycle entitlement,
  • Opening balance,
  • Period Entitlement,
  • Leave Taken,
  • Closing Balance,
  • Planned Leave.

Leave by Month

Click on Reports…Leave…Leave by Month.

This report gives you a calendar view of leave taken during the period as selected.

Leave Management – No Note or Reference Number supplied

Click on Reports…Leave…Leave Management – No Note or Reference Supplied.

This report indicates all transactions where the leave setup requires a note and/or reference number, but these fields were not completed when the transactions were captured.

Leave Management – Sick Leave

Click on Reports…Leave…Leave Management – Sick leave.

This report can be used to monitor employees’ use of sick leave. It will assist you to track sick leave trends and to manage absenteeism in your company.

You are allowed to request a medical certificate from your employees if they are absent from work for more than 2 consecutive days or on more than 2 occasions during an eight-week period. If they cannot provide you with a medical certificate, you are not required to pay them for the days they were absent. The medical certificate must be issued and signed by a medical practitioner or a person who is certified to diagnose and treat patients. If an employee lives on your premises, you have to provide reasonable assistance to the employee if they cannot practically obtain the certificate themselves.

Leave Management – Leave Not Taken

Click on Report…Leave…Leave Management – Leave Not Taken.

This report is used to verify which employees did not take leave during a specific period. For example, during a December shut down period.

Leave Rules Setup

Click on Reports…Company…Leave Rules Setup.

This report summarises the leave rules as defined on Payroll Setup…Manage Leave Definitions view.