How to email payslips to employees

Click on Reports…Payslip.

You can email current and previous plain paper payslips to your employees.

Payslips are emailed to the email addresses entered on the employees’ Employee Details views. Please ensure that the correct email address is entered.

Make the following selections on this report, then click on Preview:

Option Description
Select employees to view Select the specific employees you want to include in the report.
Sort by Select whether you want to sort this report by department or Pay Point. The default selection is “None”.
then by Select whether you want to sort the employees by surname (default sort option) or employee code.
Select the pay period When printing previous payslips, select the payroll period for which you want to print the payslips.

Now click on the button.

A popup with the following information will display:

  • List of employees with valid email addresses to whom payslips will be emailed,
  • List of employees without email addresses who will not receive a payslip,
  • Option to password protect the payslip.

If you select to password protect the payslips, please tell your employees what the password is.

Click on Send Payslips to email the payslips to the listed employees.

The employees will receive an email with a PDF payslip attachment.