End employee's employment

Click on Employee…Employee details. Select the employee and click on the End Employment button.

When an employee will no longer work for you, you need to end their employment to ensure that all final values are correctly calculated.

Click on the End Employment button, then select the last day up to which the employee will be paid, as well as the correct reason for ending the employee’s employment.

Note that the date will be the day up to which the employee is paid (i.e. the end of the notice period), even if the employee is not actually working up to that date.

The correct date is required for the correct tax calculation. The correct termination reason and date is required in order for the employee to claim UIF (if allowed).

Reasons for ending employment

The reason for ending the employee’s employment is included in the UIF submission file that must be sent to the Department of Labour at the end of every month.

This reason is used to determine if the employee is eligible to claim from the UIF.

Reason Description
Absconded The employee has been absent from work without permission and has not communicated with the employer for a certain period. The employer has determined that the employee left the workplace with the intention of not returning.
Business Closed The employer will no longer do business.
Constructively Dismissed This occurs when an employee resigns as a result of the employer creating a hostile work environment. As the resignation is not voluntary, it may be deemed to be a termination.
Deceased The employee passed away.
Dismissed The termination of employment by the choice of the employer.
Employer Insolvency The employer can no longer employ the employee due to insolvency.
End of Contract The employee was employed only for a specific period of time, as stipulated in the employment contract.
Illness The employee cannot perform their duties to illness or because they are medically boarded.
Resigned The termination of employment by the choice of the employee.
Retrenched The employee is terminated due to operational reasons.
Transferred The employee has been transferred to another entity.

Employ again

If the employee was incorrectly terminated, you can employ them again.

Click on the Employ Again button (displayed on an employee whose employment had been terminated), then click OK.

Please note that this option must only be selected if there was no break in the employment of the employee. If the employee left your employment and comes back at a later stage (i.e. break in employment), you have to add the employee as a new employee.