Employee detail data take on

Click on Data Imports / Exports…Data Take On or if the option is not available, click on More…Data Imports / Exports…Data Take On.

The Employee Detail Data Take On option will allow you to:

  • Create an Excel template file where import information may be entered. Note that only information in a valid Sage One Payroll import format can be imported.
  • Import, verify and update information to Payroll.
  • View import history.
  • Employees can only be imported as natural persons with Statutory Tables tax status (no Personal Service Provider employee type can be imported).
  • If no hours per day and days per period are specified for an employee, the default per cycle will be used.
  • Data validation will be applied to the imported sheet, to preserve data integrity some validations may stop the validation process and first need to be corrected before the process can be completed.
  • Changes to imported data can be made on an employee’s Employee Details view.

Available import fields and validation rules

Click here to view the information about the import fields.

Steps to follow

Create Template and open the file. Enter import information and save the Import file. Select the file from Import History list…Verify…Process.

Create template

Select the Create Template tab if you were not automatically directed to it.

Information Type Selection
Select Employee Details.

Field Selection
Available fields are listed on the left and selected fields on the right hand side of the view. Mandatory fields will automatically be selected and cannot be removed.

Select additional import fields by clicking on the field name on the left. The selected field will be moved to ‘selected fields’ on the right. If a field has been selected in error, simply click on the incorrect field on the right and it will be moved back to the left.

Click on to move all additional fields to the selected fields on the right hand side. Click on to move all additional fields back to the left hand side.

Once the field selection is correct, click on Create file. Take note of the important validation information displayed on your screen, click OK and select to save the template file (options will depend on your browser).

Import file

Select the Import Data tab.

Information Type Selection
Select Employee Details.

Import file

  • Only information in a valid Payroll import format can be imported.
  • Read the validation instructions on the Instructions sheet in the import template file carefully to avoid unnecessary validation errors.

Click on the allocated area on the screen to select a valid import file. A file may also be dragged onto this area. Click on the Import File button once the correct import file has been selected.

The import data will now be validated and if no errors are detected, you may move to the Import History tab to verify and process the file.
If any validation errors occur, they will be displayed on screen and may be exported to PDF format to receive your further attention. Correct the errors and import the file again.

Import history

A list of imported files and important information pertaining to these files will be displayed on this view. Take note of the Import Status of the files. Files with an Uploaded status must still be verified and processed to update the Payroll data.

Verify and process

Click on the button in the Verify and Process column.

You will have the options to:

  • Delete the file if you do not want to use it anymore.
  • Download the file in order to check the uploaded data.
  • Verify the file to make absolutely sure it is the correct file to import. Once verified, you will have to option to process the file.
  • Process the file.

Note that by continuing to process the file, the data will be imported into your payroll and this cannot be undone. You will only be able to edit and delete the data individually in the payroll.

Download file

All files, whether already processed or recently uploaded, may be downloaded at any stage to check or store for future reference.

Click on the button in the Download File column and follow the prompts from your browser to open and/or save the file.