Consolidated reports

Click on Reports and click on the relevant report.

Consolidated reports combine the totals of all cycles that were added for a Company.

It is advisable to print consolidated reports only once all cycles have rolled out of the payroll month (so, weekly and bi-weekly companies should have rolled out of the last week of the payroll month).

EMP 201 – Consolidated PAYE, SDL and UIF Return

Click on Reports…Financial…EMP201 – Consolidated.

When you deduct tax from your employees, you are required to register for PAYE with SARS.

The EMP 201 is a return required by SARS at the end of each payroll month, indicating the employer’s liability to pay over Tax, SDL and UIF.
Print this report to give you the details of all cycles in your company for which you are required to complete your EMP201 return.

As soon as you deduct tax from an employee, you become liable to register for PAYE with SARS. You need to pay SARS by the 7th of the month after which it was deducted. UIF is payable to SARS when you are registered for PAYE – otherwise it is payable directly to the Department of Labour. SDL is payable to SARS when you are registered for PAYE – otherwise it is payable directly to the SETA you are registered with.

The following is an example of an EMP201 form that must be submitted to SARS:

The EMP201 report has a Year to Date Liability section which can be used to reconcile payments made within the tax year. You can also print this report for previous processing periods.

Payroll Totals – Consolidated

Click on Reports…Financial…Payroll Totals – Consolidated.

The Consolidated Payroll Totals report gives you the option to select the payroll totals for any month that has been completed in the tax year.
It prints the totals of all earnings, deductions, company contributions and fringe benefits for all cycles in the company. It also gives a total cost value for the company and the total of nett salaries payable.

Print this report to file as part of your month end reports.