Add new employee

Click on Employee…Add new employee.

Enter the following information on the Employee screen:

  • Enter the employee’s name, surname, ID number, date of birth, etc. in the Personal Details tab,
  • Enter the employee’s addresses, telephone numbers and email address in the Contact Details tab,
  • Enter the method of payment and bank details in the Payment Details tab,
  • Enter the date when the employee started working and the employee’s statutory details in the Employment Details tab,

The minimum information required, in order to save an employee on the Add Employee view, is surname, date of birth, the date the employee started working and what method should be used to tax the employee.

Click on the ETI tab once all the required information is captured. Enter the required information on the ETI tab.

Click on the Hours and Rates tab once all the required information is captured.

Enter the pay rate details on the Hours and Rates tab:

  • Enter the number of hours the employee works each day and the number of days the employee works each week. The average working hours and average working days will calculate automatically (but can be overwritten if required),
  • Enter one of the following values:
    • Annual salary,
    • Monthly salary,
    • Rate per day, or
    • Rate per hour.

Check the check box if input of hours or days worked are required before this employee must receive a salary.

Click on the Finish button.

Enter the employee’s medical aid, provident, pension and retirement annuity information on the Payslip tab by adding the relevant deduction.

You need to define medical aid, provident and pension fund details on the Company…Setup benefit funds view before you will be able to link an employee to these benefits.