Add new company

Click on Company…Add new company.

You can add an unlimited number of companies. Add a new company for each employer/PAYE entity.

Complete the following information:

Field Description
Company Number Enter a 4-digit company number between 0000 and 9999 for reference purposes.
Company Name Enter the company’s registered name.

Click on the Next button. The following screen will display:

Complete the following information:

Field Description
Cycle Name Choose a cycle name that will help you recognise the group of people paid in this cycle, for example Salaries, Factory Wages, etc.
Cycle Select the payment interval of the first cycle for this company. Employees can be paid monthly, weekly or biweekly.
Select pay period Select the end date of the first live processing period of the cycle.
Exclude from UIF Employers in the national and provincial spheres of Government who are officers or employees as defined in Section 1(1) of the Public Service Act 1994, are exempt from contributing to UIF.
Exclude from SDL Select this option if the employees in this cycle is exempt from paying SDL.
Pro Rata Annual Bonus Check this check box if you want the system to pro-rata the 13th cheque of an employee who has not worked 12 or more months in the month the bonus is paid. If this checkbox is not selected, the employee will receive a full 13th cheque, regardless of the number of periods the employee had worked in the bonus month.

Please note that the Pro Rata Annual Bonus option is only applicable to system calculated 13th cheque annual bonuses and not to manually advised annual bonus amounts.

Field Description
Exclude from Tax Certificates Selecting this option will exclude all employees in the cycle from the tax certificate submission.
Switch to the company when I click Finish Select this option to work in the new company when the wizard finishes.

Click on the Finish button.

For weekly and biweekly cycles, ensure that you select the date up to which employees are paid and not the date on which the employees are paid. For example: I draw weekly time sheets from Thursday to Wednesday, do my processing on Thursdays and pay my employees on Fridays. The date I will select as my period end date is Wednesday.

The tax year start and end dates are calculated based on the period end date you selected. Where more than one tax year start date is available for the selected period end date, you will be given the option to select the tax year.

The default is always set to the option where the tax year end date is closest to the last day of February.

Edit Companies

To edit the Company Details, you need to switch to each company and access the Company Details view.

Click on Site Code…Company Name…Cycle Name in the black navigation bar and select the company and cycle you want to switch to.