To Do

The To Do section is designed to help you keep track of the various accounting or bookkeeping tasks that you do for each of your clients on Accounting.

You can create a single task or one that repeats on a regular schedule, in other words, a recurring task.

To access your to do list, click on Company…Company Console option. Click on the To Do option:

The Tasks tab will show you a list of all the tasks that are either in progress or that have not yet been started.

Click on the Add Task button to add a task.

This is also where you will set up and add your tasks to be done for each client. You have to specify what needs to be completed.

You are able to add the same task to other clients as well at the same time. Set up email notifications if you want to be reminded of the task.

You can even set this task up to recur.

The Notes tab will show you a list of all the notes that are overdue or due today.

Click on the Add Note button to add a note.

The Alerts tab will show you a list of all the alerts to be reviewed or all the unallocated transactions per client. These alerts will be indicated by the red exclamation icon and would include alerts such as:

  • Incorrect Bank Balances
  • Bank Feeds not being refreshed recently; or
  • Overdue VAT Submission dates

If your client has unallocated banking transactions or new transactions that are yet to be marked as reviewed, you will be notified on this screen and even have the option to drill down to assist them with the assigning and allocating of these transactions.