Supplier Batch Payments

You can now pay all your suppliers from one screen by using the Supplier Batch Payments option. Select Suppliers…Transactions…Supplier Batch Payments:

Select the Bank or Credit Card account and select the Payment Date.

The supplier payment batches will be processed as Dated Payments. The Payment Date cannot be set to the current system date. To change the batch to a Same Day batch, you will need to do this on the Sage Pay system. Supplier payments on Sage Pay have action date cut-off times.

Select the suppliers that you want to pay by checking the check boxes next to them and enter the amount you wish to pay in the Amount to Pay field.
If you are uncertain about the amount that must be paid, click on the green supplier name link to open the Allocate Invoices screen. Tick the supplier invoice tick box and click on the Save button to save the amount that you want to pay.

Click on the Pay Now button to pay all the selected suppliers at once. The following confirmation screen will be displayed if the supplier batch payment has been uploaded successfully to Sage Pay.