Quick Views

Accounting allows you to quickly view customer, supplier, item, account and bank account information, while you are processing documents and/or transactions.

There are various ways of accessing these Quick Views, namely via the:

  • Quick View Menu
  • Master File selection field
  • Master File Maintenance Screen

Quick View Menu

The Quick View menu lists the different types of information you can view.

Select the master file from the menu.

The following screen displays:

The system will populate the information of the selected master file record in the grid.

The Quick View screen details the latest transactional activity on the selected master file record. The balance displayed on the right hand side of the grid represents either an outstanding balance and/or current balance for the selected master file record. The screen also displays the Sales History and Customer Days Outstanding in a graph.

On all the other tabs, to view the original document or transaction, click on the detail link next to the document or transaction.

If you want to print or email all of the documents or transactions, click on the Select All button. To deselect your selection, click on the Deselect All button.

To print or email selective documents or transactions, check the check box next to any document or transaction that you want to print or email.

You also have the option to include your paid invoices and print them too.

After you have made your selection, select whether you want to print or email the documents or transactions, by clicking on the Print Invoices or Email Invoices button at the bottom of the screen.

To exit the Quick View screen, click on the Close button.