Printing, Viewing and Emailing Documents or Reports

Reports are printouts you make from Accounting. Besides printing reports, you can view them on screen and export them into many different formats. In addition, you can also email reports to anyone, as long as you know the recipient’s email address.

When you email attachments, the system sends the report as a PDF attachment. Recipients need software to read the PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe’s website

When you print a report, the Report window displays. Here is a typical report window:

Each report window has the following elements:

  • The Report Filter displays parameters that you can use to narrow down the range of information included in the report.
  • The Report Options section gives options that will affect the presentation of the report.
  • The Print Report button prints the report.
  • The View Report button lets you view the report on screen, after which you can print it.
  • The Email Report button lets you quickly email the report to multiple recipients in PDF format.

Below is a typical screen preview:

You can change the dates to preview the report for in the Date Range drop down menus. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the details on the report.

HTML Reports

Some of the reports in Accounting is available in HTML format. The main report options looks different to the normal reporting options:

Although the report options are the same, the look and feel has changed.

Click on the View Report button.

To view the report options again, click on the Show Report Options button.

This screen will assist you if you want to see more information. Change your options and click on the Refresh button to update the report. Click on the Hide Report Options button to hide these options.