You can create notes for Customers, Suppliers, Items, Accounts, Banks and Credit Cards. If you are the owner of the company, you can also add notes on Users.
Notes can be open ended, i.e. they do not expire, or they can have an action date applied to them.

Notes are used to keep additional information on the record to which they are attached.

Notes are created on the Edit Customer, Edit Supplier, Edit Item, Edit Account, Edit Bank Account and Edit User screens. They must therefore be attached to one of these.

When you click on the Notes tab, a note line is automatically added. To add another note, click on the button at the end of one of the notes and another line will be added. To edit a note, click in the fields. You cannot edit the Entry Date.

One of the most useful features of Notes is that you can display notes in the Dashboard. In this way, you can use notes as reminders so that you remember important dates.

In the Note field, you can enter as much text as you require.