My Clients

From your My Clients list, you can access your client’s data in a matter of seconds. Your client list will also allow searching on company names, contact information for each company as well as display pertinent information such as the financial year end date and next VAT submission date.

You can access the My Clients list from the Company…Company Console option.

At the very top of the list are your Practice Accounts. This is your own Sage One Company which you use for your Accounting Practice.

The list is easily sortable allowing you to focus on important dates such as the client’s financial year end or when they actually last transacted.

If you know which client you want to work on – make use of the search field to isolate that specific company.

You are even able to filter between clients that are active or the ones you have hidden from your console by making them inactive.

Click on any of the badges on the list screen to open the following screen:

This screen will show you all the tasks, notes and alerts to be reviewed. You will also see the last 10, 20 or 30 transactions in the Last Transacted tab.

The Company Details Tab includes some useful information regarding the company selected including subscription information and a button to update the company settings.

Importantly, this is the place you would come to in order to set up your own company as your practice accounts and if you have the Time Tracking module enabled, this is where you will link your clients to customers in those practice accounts.

The Company Details tab is also the place to set a client as either active or inactive for the purposes of displaying them on your My Clients list.

Click on any of the Customers in the Customer Name column, and that customer’s company will open.