Item Reports

Reports are available both in the Reports menu and from the many Reports sections on screens in Accounting. You are able to drill down to the transactions by clicking on a line in the report if the reports are printed in detail.

You can change the dates to preview the report for in the Date Range drop down menus. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the details on the report.

Report Summary
Item Listing This lists the item details, either in summary or in detail. You can optionally include user defined fields on the report.
Sales by Item This analyses sales by item, showing your gross profit on sales as an amount and a percentage.
Purchases by Item This analyses purchases by item and can be printed for a specific category. You can also select to print information for only service items, physical items or both.
Item Movement This shows movement details for items. It is useful for tracking how many items were bought and sold in a particular time frame.
Item Valuation This report shows you the value of stock that you have and can be printed at either an average cost price or the last cost price.
Customer Quotes by Item This report analyses your quotes by item.
Supplier Purchase Orders by Item This report analyses the purchase orders by item.
Price Lists Report This report lists the items with the selected Price Lists.