The Favourites menu gives you access to your most-used pages in Accounting, with the option to manage your favourites, re-arrange your Favourite menu options or even add the current page as a Favourite.

The Favourites option is allocated on your main menu bar:

Favourite Selection in Processing Screens

When you are processing a document, you can add the processing page to your Favourites. Select your Favourites option and select the Add Current Page option:

Once a page is added, your Favourites will look as follows:

When the Add Current Page option is greyed out, you wont be able to add the page to your favourites.

Manage your Favourites

You can manage your Favourites by selecting Favourites…Manage Favourites:

The Manage Favourites screen displays:

You can add your own Favourites by dragging the items from the menu on the left to the menu on the right.

Click on the Save button. All Favourites will display in the Favourites menu.