Emailing Tax Invoices and Credit Notes

When sending Tax Invoices or Credit Notes to your customers, all mandatory information required by the VAT Act must appear on these documents.

Emailed documents are also referred to as electronic documents.

Customer Acceptance

An option called “Accepts Electronic Documents” on the customer maintenance screen must be ticked to specify whether your customer has agreed to accept electronic documents. This agreement should be in writing.

128 Bit Encryption

All PDF files generated by Accounting will be 128-bit encrypted. You will notice a “gold lock” on the top left of the PDF document which means the document cannot be edited.

Adding a line that states “Computer Generated”

When you email an original tax invoice or credit note from Accounting and you have selected the option Accepts Electronic Documents on the customer maintenance screen, this document will be regarded by the system as an original electronic document. The email sent from the system, as well as any subsequent re-prints generated by the system, will display the wording “Computer Generated”, as long as you have added a Computer Generated field to your forms.

Tax Audit Report of all Electronic Documents

An audit report can be generated displaying all electronic tax invoices and credit notes.