Customer Reports

Reports are available both in the Reports menu and from the many Reports sections on screens in Accounting. You are able to drill down to the transactions by clicking on a line in the report if the reports are printed in detail.

You can change the dates to preview the report for in the Date Range drop down menus. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the details on the report.

Report Summary
List of Customers This report displays customer details. You are able to print the report in a summary form or with all of the customer details. If you drill down to the customer account, you are able to view the customer statement. You can include user defined fields in the report.
Sales by Customer In this report, you can see details of the documents that have been processed to a range of customers in a date range that you can select. You are able to view the report in detail or summary. You are able to drill down to documents from this report.
Sales by Sales Rep This report analyses all the sales that were made by the Sales Reps.
Customer Balances – Days Outstanding This report shows you how long your customer balances have been outstanding. You can also select to print the report for specific categories if you are using categories.
Customer Statements You use this option to send statements to customers indicating how much they owe you. You are able to print the reports on paper to mail to your customers or you can select to email the statements. You can also specify a category to print for, and whether to print the statements in detail (showing each invoice line) or not.
Customer Transactions This report shows all of the transactions that you have processed to customer accounts. You can select to print only active customers and customers in specific categories.
Emails Sent to Customers This report shows details of documents that were emailed to customers. This allows you to track and manage electronic communication to customers.
Customer Invoices This report lists all the invoices with the Exclusive, Tax and Inclusive amounts sent to customers.
Customer Quotes This is a list of quotes with the Quote Status and Sales Rep.
Customer Quotes by Customer This report analyses your quotes by Customer.
Customer Unallocated Receipts This report lists unallocated receipts by Customer.

Customer Statement Run

The Customer Statement Run allows you to create and distribute your customer statements. This is a monthly task.

Click here to view this process.