Creating a Read Only Internet Banking User

You will be required to enter your internet banking login details. If your bank supports read-only profiles or users, you should set this up on your internet banking site before continuing.

There are different procedures for the different banks to set up a read-only internet banking user.

Below is the procedures to set up a read-only user in FNB:
Setting up your read-only profile in FNB

Log into your FNB online banking profile.

Select the Online Banking Settings button at the top of the page. Select the Secondary Users option.

Click on the Add User option on the menu screen on the right hand side.

Enter all the details of the secondary user you wish to view the statements.

Check the View check boxes at the bottom of the page to give the user viewing rights.

Create a user ID and Password for the new user. The user ID and Password you set up in this field, will be the details that you will enter in Sage One Accounting when linking to the bank.

Once the temporary password is created, log out of FNB and log back in to change the password from temporary to permanent.

Once the password is changed, you can set up your OTP (One Time Pin) settings.

Save all your changes. You can now enter your User ID and Password in Sage One Accounting.