Company Notes and Attachments

Accounting has the functionality to store all the company notes as well as attachments. You can save any notes in the Company Notes and Attachment facility and if you need to retrieve the information, you can do so quickly and easily.

To access this function, select Company…Company Notes and Attachments.

The following screen displays:

To add an attachment, click on any of the Add Attachment links.

Click the Add Attachment button and select your document. Click on the Close button.

Your individual files that you upload may not exceed 2 MB in size. All documents that are uploaded, will be stored on the Accounting Document Store.

Attachments can also be added on the Edit Customer, Edit Supplier, Edit Item, Edit Account, Edit Bank Account and Edit User screen.

Click on the Notes tab.

Add any notes in the Notes tab about the company by clicking on the button. To delete any notes, click on the button.

Click on the Transaction Attachments tab.

All attachments that you add for processing documents will be stored here.