Banking Reports

Reports are available both in the Reports menu and from the many Reports sections on screens in Accounting. You are able to drill down to the transactions by clicking on a line in the report if the reports are printed in detail.

You can change the dates to preview the report for in the Date Range drop down menus. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the details on the report.

Report Summary
List of Banks and Credit Cards A list of bank and credit card details with the balance of each account on the date that you specify.
Banks and Credit Cards Transactions This shows transactions that you have processed per bank account and/or credit card account, showing the total value of the transactions that have been processed.
Cash Movement This shows the movement of cash in and out of the company in a time frame that you select. The report also shows the value of inter-account transfers that have been done.
Bank Fees Audit Trail This shows you an audit trail of all the transactions processed through Bank Feeds.
Cash Flow This report details the cash inflows and cash outflows for each transaction type.