Bandwidth Utilisation

Unticking certain features within Accounting will improve your bandwidth utilisation:

Signing in

The ‘To Do List’ in Accounting loads all the information that you process on a daily basis. It must load all the outstanding actions – i.e. Loading overdue invoices, quotes anticipated payment and so on.

Option 1

Remove the ‘To Do List’ widget from the Dashboard Option, then sign out and back in again. Signing in should not be a problem now. You can now action what’s outstanding and add the widget once completed.

Option 2

Change the Dashboard to display the Workspace, under the Administration…My Profile…Preferences to ‘My Workspace’. Sign out and back in again to check if things improve.

Loading Masterfile Grids

Sometimes when you are loading the grids for Customer, Suppliers and/or Items the system can take longer if you have a lot of masterfiles.

Under the Administration…My Profile…Preferences tab, reduce the Number of Rows to show in List Grid to 10 or 15 max and save the change.

Sign out and log back in to see if the page loads quicker.

Calling up Customers, Suppliers or Items

When loading any customer, supplier or item information, the first thing you should ask is ‘How many Customers/Suppliers/Items do you have loaded on your system?’ and ‘Are all Customers/Suppliers/Items active’?

The screenshot below displays a total number of 9343 customers. If you run your Customer List Report, you’re able to check how many of those are Active or Inactive. The same can be done for your Suppliers and Items.

What to do

Set the Customers/Suppliers/Items that are not in use to inactive. Remove the check in the ‘Display Inactive Customers, Suppliers, Items’ when reporting and processing check boxes, under the General Settings tab in your Company Settings.