Secretarial Information

Accountants can record information about their clients in Accounting (whether they are an invited user or owner of the company).

You will be able to keep a listing / register of all important stakeholders for each company and you will be able to maintain a share register for your private and public companies.

The following is only available to accountants that are registered with the Accounting Adviser Program:

Secretarial Features

  • Entity Type
  • Stakeholders
  • Share Capital

Business Entity Type

To select the entity type of a business, select the Company Settings link at the top right corner or go to the Company menu followed by the Change Company Settings.

You may select one of the following entity types from the Entity Type drop down menu:

  • (None)
  • Close Corporation
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Trust


The Stakeholders area is used to record all persons who have an interest in the entity. It can be an ownership interest or another interest such as an accountant or auditor.

To access the Stakeholder area, go to Accountant’s Area…Stakeholders option and select the List of Stakeholders option. The following screen displays:

This is the area where all the information about a stakeholder will be captured:

  • General Details
  • Contact Details
  • Roles and Designations
  • Issued Share Capital

Click on the Add Stakeholder button. The following screen displays:

General Details

Enter all the general information about the stakeholder in the following fields:

Field Explanation
Stakeholder Name Enter the name of the stakeholder in this field.
Type Select whether the stakeholder is a Natural Person or a Juristic Person in the Type radio options. A natural person is referred to as a human being and a juristic person is referred to as a company or an organisation.
ID/Registration Number Enter the ID number of the stakeholder or the registration number of the company or organisation.
Tax Number Enter the tax number of the stakeholder.
Date of Birth Select the date of birth of the stakeholder in the calendar look up field.
Nationality Enter the nationality of the stakeholder in this field.

Contact Details Tab

Enter all the contact details of the stakeholder in the Contact Details tab:

Roles and Designations Tab

This tab is used to record the stakeholders’ interest in the entity. If the stakeholder has an ownership interest then the check box based on the entity type needs to be checked and the related information should be populated.

Entity Type Ownership Type
Company Shareholder
Close Corporation Member
Partnership Partner
Sole Proprietorship Sole Owner
Trust Trustee

Issued Share Capital

This tab and feature is ONLY available if the entity type selected is “Company” AND the stakeholder has been ticked as a “shareholder”.

In this tab, the accountant needs to capture the share allotments or issued share capital of the company. This must be done per shareholder.

Click on the Save button to save the shareholder.

Company Roles

This area is simply to maintain the roles that appear within the entity. Accounting has created some default roles that can be edited and deleted. New company roles can be created.

To access this feature, go to Accountants Area…Stakeholders…Company Roles. The following screen displays:

Click on the Add Company Role button to create a new role:

Click on the Save button to save the new company role created.


Report Function
Stakeholder Report This is a listing of all the stakeholders. It can also be filtered to show only the owners of the entity.
Company Roles Report This is a listing of all the stakeholders by role.

Stakeholder Report

Company Roles Report

Share Capital

This option is ONLY available if the Entity Type in Company Settings has been set to “Company”. Authorised Share Capital allows the accountant to capture the authorised share capital based on the company’s Memorandum of Incorporation.

To access this function, go to Accountants Area…Share Capital…Authorised Share Capital. The following screen displays:

Click on the Add Share Class button to create a new Share Class.

Enter the name, quantity and nominal value of the share class. Click on the Save button to save the share class.

Share Register

This is a report showing all shares in issue within the Company. It can also show cancelled and transferred shares.