Adding a pay run

You have all the tools you need to keep complete payroll records for your employees with Payroll. You can process weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls.

When you complete a pay run, you can produce your employees’ pay advices and generate a detailed report of your company’s employee costs.
Click on Pay Run…Add New Pay Run.

Field Explanation
Company Select the company that you want to process the pay run for.
Name Enter the name of the Pay Run. This is to identify your pay runs when running reports, submissions, posing to GL etc.
Pay Run Month Select the payment period in which the payment must be made. This is used to determine the date of payment for the pay run, as well as which runs fall into a financial tax year.
Payment Date Select the date of the payment.
Cancel Click on the Cancel button to cancel the current pay run setup. This will revert all changes made and clear the view.

Click on the Save button to start with your pay run processing.