The Employee List

The Employee List in Sage One Payroll is a “list view” where you can see all the employees that you have created as well as the company they are created in.

To access the employee list view, click on the Employee main menu option. Please note: If you have no employees created, you will be routed to the Employee Details view. Once you have created your first Employee, you will always be routed to the Employee List.

Field Explanation
Search This field will allow you to search for the employee that you are looking for.
Code The employee code will be displayed in this field.
Employee This is the name of the employee that you created.
Company This is the name of the company where you created the employee (company the employee is linked to).
Status This field will display whether the employee is Active, Inactive or Terminated. Note: Only active employees will be added to Active Pay Runs.
If you click on this option, you will be able to view the employee or remove the employee if the employee is not processed in a pay run.
Add New Employee To create a new employee, click on the Add New Employee option. To view existing employee information, select the employee line item on the list.