The Payroll Dashboard

The dashboard in Payroll gives you a bird’s eye view of your company. You can switch between Companies, Employees and view all your Pay Run information in one screen. All important notifications such as new releases or legislation updates will be posted in your Notifications pane.

To access the dashboard, click on the Dashboard main menu option.

Quick navigation links are set up on all line items in the Companies, Employees as well as Pay Runs sections, i.e. if you select a specific company in the Company section, you will be navigated to the Company Details view. Similarly if you select an Employee or Pay Run, you will be navigated to the corresponding detail view.

There are action buttons set up as well, allowing you to easily add new companies, employees or pay runs, by selecting the ‘Add new’ text. The ‘View all’ text, when selected, will route you to the corresponding sections’ list view.

In the Pay Runs section, you can also make quick payments by selecting the ‘Pay Now’ button on ‘Finalised’ Pay Runs. This will navigate you to the Banking Payment File Submissions view and pre-populate all the company and pay run information, allowing for quick generation of the file and ultimately quick payments.