The Leave Summary Screen

The Leave Summary screen will show you all the leave transactions per employee that has been taken within a month. This view will also display all the leave balances for the leave transactions.

To access the Leave Summary screen, click on Leaveā€¦Leave Summary. Select the company from the Company drop down menu followed by the employee in the Employee drop down menu:

The different leave transactions will be displayed in the different colours in the calendar section. All the leave transaction balances will be displayed in the Leave Balances section. This section will also display the leave balance calculation for a certain leave transaction.

If you have added future leave transactions for an employee, the transactions will display in the Provisional Leave section. If the employee wants to cancel the provisional leave, you can click on the Cancel option within this section. All leave that was taken by the employee will display in the Leave History section. If you have cancelled leave for an employee, it will be displayed in the Cancelled Leave section.

If you want to create a new leave transaction for an employee, click on the Add New Leave Transaction option, or select the day on which the leave should start on the Calendar.