Reports in Payroll

There are different reports available in Payroll that will give you a holistic overview of the payroll processing.

Report Explanation
Leave Summary This report offers a breakdown of leave transactions for a selected date range.
Payslip This generates a payslip for any previously finalised Pay Run.
Pay Run This is a summary of the pay run.
Payroll Journal A summary of the values posted to the General Ledger in Accounting.
Payment Summary The Payment Summary needs to be generated for each employee at the end of the tax year.
Bureau This will show you an overview of all your companies which make use of Bureau services, not only on a payroll level, but also if a Bureau manages and makes all payments on behalf of your company.
Monthly PAYE This report will display all the PAYE amounts for a pay run.
HELB Monthly Remittance This report will display all the HELB payment amounts for a pay run.
Industrial Training Levy This report will display the Industrial Training Levy amounts for a pay run.
P9A This report will display all the employees’ tax information for the tax year including earnings, benefits and personal information.
Bank File Reconciliation This report displays the bank file information per employee.