Processing your Pay Run

Once you have created a Pay Run, you can process all the pay transactions, by selecting the correct pay components for your employees.

The following screen will display when you have created a Pay Run:

Expand the employee details by clicking on the employee name:

To add existing system earning pay components, click on the Add Existing option. If the earning pay component is not in the list of pay components, click on the Create New option.

Enter the applicable information as prompted with each individual pay component. Once the required information has been entered, you must save the transaction per employee.

If you want to process any leave transactions for an employee, you will also select the leave transactions in the Earnings section.

If you have any before tax deduction or after tax deduction transactions, you can select the components in these sections to create a transaction for the employee.

The Tax and Reliefs section on the screen will update the transactions automatically when you enter the mandatory transaction information.

Click on the Save button to save the information that you added for an employee.