Time in Lieu (Rostered Day Off)

If your subscription plan does not allow for automation of Time in Lieu or RDO conditions (available on the Plus plan), you are still able to set the system up to manage this.

Click HERE to see what’s available in Payroll Plus plan.

There are 2 scenarios for entering TIL/RDO. The first is via the earnings lines in a pay run, and the second is through the use of timesheets.

Entering TIL/RDO via a Pay Run

To enter RDO/TIL via a pay run you need to set up both a RDO/TIL Leave Category, as well as a Pay Category (so that leave can be both taken and accrued):

Pay Categories

Leave Categories

Then, to ADD LEAVE once you have created the pay run, open the employee’s details up by clicking on the arrow next to their name. Then in the bottom right hand corner you will notice a button called “Actions”. Select the “accrue leave” option and simply add the hours you want to accrue for that employee to the leave type, i.e RDO or Time in Lieu.

In order to TAKE LEAVE simply do the same as above but, instead select take leave. Then select the leave that is to be taken i.e. RDO or Time in Lieu.

Entering TIL/RDO via Timesheets

If using timesheets, you will also need to set up Work Types for the RDO/TIL actions. This enables different pay conditions to be selected. E.g. Ordinary Time earnings for part of the shift plus RDO or TIL for the rest of the shift, or a work type to accrue or take leave on the same day. To select more than one work type on the same day, you simply create another timesheet line:

If a work type is not selected the default pay category on the employees’ Pay Run Defaults page will be used.

To Accrue TIL/RDO

You will need to create one work type for ‘Ordinary Hours’ and create another work type for ‘RDO/TIL accrual’ (which is set to ‘accrue leave’ for your RDO leave category).

Your employees would then fill in the RDO/TIL accrual time manually when they enter their timesheets (for example, if they work 8 hours, they might enter 1 timesheet for 7.6 hours of Ordinary Hours and 1 timesheet for 0.4 hours of RDO/TIL accrual), or rather, 9am-4:36pm Ordinary Hours, 4:36pm-5pm RDO/TIL accrual.

These timesheets would then be approved and imported into a pay run and RDO/TIL will accrue according to the amounts specified in the timesheets


If using timesheets, when an employee wants to take RDO/TIL that they have accrued they can do this by submitting a leave request . This can then be managed and applied to the pay run by the appropriate user.

Alternatively, if there is no leave request, you can select the ‘actions’ button within a pay run and select ‘take leave’.