Terminating an Employee

There are two ways you can terminate an employee.

  • 1. Within the employee file
  • 2. Within a pay run

Terminating an Employee within the Employee File

The first, and simplest way is to open up the employee file, click on the details section and down the bottom of the page you’ll see a Terminate Employee button:

Clicking this button simply marks the employee as inactive and will no longer be eligible for pay runs.

Please note that terminating an employee will not process a termination payment.

Terminating an employee via the pay run

To do this, click on the employee within the pay run and then from the blue Actions button select Terminate Employee:

A pop up will appear as follows:

Enter the employee’s termination date and then click on Save.

The employee’s record will turn pink (as an indicator it is in termination mode) and will display calculated earnings and any accrued leave to be paid out as part of the termination pay.

With regards to the section on Leave Taken:

  • Any leave category setup to be paid out on termination will automatically be calculated as part of the termination pay. If you do not wish for this to occur, deselect the Pay out option;
  • If any leave loading associated to a leave category (for eg annual leave loading) is to be paid out you will need to select the Apply x% loading checkbox;
  • If you want to pay out a balance for an associated leave category that does not have the Pay out option automatically selected, you will need to manually select this option;
  • Any leave categories setup to not accrue automatically will not appear in this section.

If the employee is set up to be paid default standard hours each pay and is terminated mid-pay period, the employee’s hours will automatically be re-calculated on a pro-rata basis. We strongly suggest you double check these hours to ensure they are correct.

Once you have finalised the pay run, this employee will no longer be active or eligible to be included in future pay runs and the employee line will be highlighted red.

If there are any unfinalised pay run for the employee, you will not be able to terminate until those pay runs have been finalised.

Cancelling a Termination

If you want to cancel the termination, click on the blue Actions box within the employee’s pay details and then click on Cancel Termination.

Processing a Redundancy/ETP

Instructions on how to process a redundancy or ETP for an employee can be found Redundancy or ETP for an Employee

Termination Pays & PAYG

Note: Regarding HELP payments on termination, as per the ATO, when working out Marginal Tax Rates you do not withhold any amount for:

  • Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debts
  • Student Start-up Loan (SSL) debts (includes ABSTUDY SSL debts)
  • Trade Support Loan (TSL) debts
  • Financial Supplement debts.

“Click HERE”: https://www.ato.gov.au/Rates/Schedule-7—-Tax-table-for-unused-leave-payments-on-termination-of-employment/ for further information.

The following article provides more information on how PAYG is calculated within terminations:

How is PAYG Calculated on Leave Payouts