Payroll Setup

You may watch the tutorial video to show you how to Set Up Payroll

To activate Payroll in Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you will:

  • 1. Go to Payroll menu > Click on Set-up Payroll.
  • 2. Click Get Started.
  • 3. Enter your business details – If you have already entered business information in the Company Details, these information will be prepopulated on this screen. This information will be used to created your payroll business. Please review and update the business information before you continue.

There are two questions to answer in order to set up your business in Payroll:

  • When does your work week start and end?*

This question is asking you when your work week start and end. If your week calendar starts from Monday and finishes on Friday, you should select “Mon – Sun”. Or if your work week ends on a Thursday, you should set it to “Fri – Thur”, so on and so forth.

  • What are your standard work hours?

This question is asking you the standard working hours your employees will be working. You can choose among:

  • 7.5 hours per day;
  • 7.6 hours per day; or,
  • 8 hours per day; or
  • Other to specify
  • 4. Payroll Account Mapping – this screen is to map your Payroll Account to an Accounting account in order to post Pay Run Journals to Accounting after your pay run is finalised.

A default mapping is provided for you to use.

If you want to change some of the account mappings, click on the Accounting Account on the right had side and choose another account from the dropdown. Or you may create a new account from the dropdown.

After setting up Payroll, you can still come back to update the Payroll Accounting Mapping if needed. This option is available under Payroll menu > Payroll Account Mapping.

  • 5. Finish the setup.
  • 6. Success! Now you have activated Payroll for your business and your Default Payroll Accounts are mapped to your Accounting Chart of Accounts.

You may now Launch Payroll from this page or from the Payroll menu.

  • 7. You will now be directed to Sage Business Cloud Payroll for this business.

Next, you can configure Payroll Settings and start adding Employees to Payroll.

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