Superannuation Submission

Superannuation Funds are the arrangements in place to enable people in Australia to accumulate funds to provide them with income in retirement. All employees on your payroll must belong to a Superannuation fund. If you have processed a Pay Run and employees have contributed, you must submit the details to the superannuation body.

To submit your superannuation information to the fund, click on Submissions…Superannuation. The following screen will display the first time:

If you would like to make use of the Superannuation submission services within Sage One Payroll: You must sign up with Ozedi (by selecting the ‘Register Now’ button) and then Verify and Activate the Superannuation module.

The following screen will be displayed once the module is activated:

Field Explanation
Business Select the business in this field.
Tax Year Select the tax year for when the Superannuation should be submitted.
Submission Frequency Select your submission frequency (Monthly or Quarterly).
Submission Range Select the submission range for the period that you are submitting.
Submission Name Enter a submission name for the specific superannuation submission.

The following screen will be displayed:

Field Explanation
Superannuation Fund The superannuation fund and amounts will be displayed per total for the fund as well as the individual amounts per employee.
Payment Method Select the payment method of the submission.
Transaction Date Enter the date of the transaction that must be processed with the superannuation fund.
Biller Code Enter your business biller code. This is mandatory based on specific Payment Method selections.
Payment/Customer Reference Enter the payment or customer reference that will be displayed on the statements at the superannuation funds. This is mandatory based on specific Payment Method selections.

Click on the Generate button to generate the superannuation file, which will be stored on your local storage. You have to then upload and submit this file on the Ozedi portal where previously registered.