Dealing with terminations

If an employee leaves your company, you need to terminate their service on the last pay run.

There are two ways of terminating an employee: The first would be from the Employee Details view and the second is to enter their last working day before you complete their final pay run on the Pay Run view.

To terminate an employee in the final pay run, click on the Terminate Employee icon (as shown below):

The following pop-up message will display:

Enter the termination date of the employee and select one of the following termination reasons:

  • Resignation
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Casual Termination

Click on the OK button to save the termination. The termination reason will be displayed on the pay run:

To finalise the termination, you must finalise the pay run by clicking on the Finalise button in the pay run screen.

Your employee status will be changed on the Employee List view:

The termination date will also display in the Employee Detail screen:

Note that an employee can also be terminated on the Employee Details screen:

When the Terminate Employee is selected, the same pop-up dialogue as when terminating in a pay run will appear:

Select the Termination Date as well as the Termination reason and Click the OK button.

The Pending Termination label will display in Orange. If you create a Pay Run where the Termination Date fall into, the Termination section will automatically display for the Employee.

The employee will be terminated upon finalisation of the Pay Run.

To revert a Termination Completely: If an employee was terminated by mistake, you can revert the termination by Removing/Deleting the Pay Run in which the employee has been terminated.