Long Service Leave

Managing long service leave for you employees can be setup using these simple steps:

  • 1. From the Payroll Settings tab, select Leave Categories from the list under the heading Pay Run Settings:
  • 2. Long Service Leave is provided as a default but if you wish to add your own click the green Add to add a new leave category and under the Leave category type select Long Service Leave.
  • 3. When you select long service leave, you will be given the option to set the contingent and entitlement periods for the long service leave
  • The contingent period is the period of time after which an employer may be required to pay out long service leave under certain circumstances
  • The entitlement period is the period of time after which an employee is eligible to their long service leave entitlement
  • 4. When you view the long service leave for an individual employee you will be able to see when their entitlement is due:
  • 5. Once long service leave has been applied to an employee, their entitlement date will be displayed in the pay run so you can quickly see if they are eligible for long service leave.

Once enabled for an employee long service leave will continue to accrue however an employee will only be able to apply for long service leave and view it on their pay slips once the entitlement date has been reached.