Leave Allowance Template

A Leave Allowance Template will help make managing leave for employees much easier.

With leave allowance templates, you’re able to create pre-defined sets of leave accrual values which can then be applied to new and existing employees. This then allows you to bulk update leave values for employees if the leave accrual rates change rather than having to update them individually for each new employee.

Each business setting comes with three standard Leave Allowance Templates configured, one for casual employees, two for permanent employees – use these as is or change the settings within to suit your business OR you can create your own…

Setting up new leave allowance templates

  • 1. To setup a new leave allowance template: from the Business menu, select Business > Payroll Settings and then under the Pay Conditions heading select Leave Allowance Templates:
  • 2. Click Add to add a new template and fill in the relevant details. You’ll notice that only leave categories that automatically accrue leave are displayed in the Leave Allowances section. Enter a Template Name and then select the leave categories you want activated (i.e. you want employees to access) for this template.
  • 3. You will notice above that each leave category listed under Leave Allowances has an override button. Clicking on override will allow you to enter different values to that of the default. When you click on the left of the ‘x’ to activate the override, the default values will disappear and then you are able to enter a new set of values for that specific leave category. Then click “Save” and your leave template will be created.
  • 4. Now when you create a new employee, you will be able to select a leave allowance template that can be applied to this employee. You can also select a leave template for existing employees through the Leave Allowances page of the employee file.
  • 5. Even though a leave template has been applied, you can always adjust the leave values for an employee by going into the employee file and under “Leave Allowances” selecting a custom accrual rate. Detailed instructions on this can be found here. When you do this, you’ll be notified that the template no longer applies to this employee.
  • 6. Finally, if you do need to make changes to the values in the leave template, you can do so. Once you click save you’ll be notified if there are employees already linked to the leave template and you’ll be asked if you want to apply the changes to all linked employees