End of Year Reconciliation

A crucial part of wrapping up EOFY is reconciling the Payment Summary report to the Detailed Activity Report.

Once you have exported to excel (more about generating Payment Summaries HERE), your next task is to reconcile the spreadsheet to the Detailed Activity Report you’ve also downloaded to excel.

To do this, you will:

  • 1. Go to the Payment Summary report you’ve downloaded:

Add the following columns:
– Column I: Gross Payments
– Column M: Allowances
– Column N: Lump Sum A Type R
– Column O: Lump Sum A Type T
– Column P: Lump Sum B
– Column Q: Lump Sum D
– Column R: Lump Sum E
– Column S: CDEP Payments
– Column T: Exempt Foreign Employment Income
– Column W: ETP amounts (not reported)
– Column AC: Payroll Pre Tax Deductions

This total should equal the Gross earnings column of the Detailed Activity Report (rounding)

  • 2. The payroll gross earnings column (AB) in the Payment Summary report should be equal to the Gross earnings (column G) in the Detailed Activity Report exactly.

For more information about EOFY, see our user guides: