Change Super Fund

This applies to when your employees changed their super fund provider and would like all future payments to be made to this new super fund. Here is the instruction of how to handle this change.

Change Employee’s Super Fund

Once you have the relevant information for the new superfund provider you will need to add a new super fund rather than change the existing superfund provider for employee.

To do this you will go Dashboard > Employees tab > select the relevant employee > Super Funds > set the existing superfund contribution to $0. Then click on Add > search for the new superfund > set this to get the remaining balance > Save.

If you remove the existing super fund and replace it with the new fund, it will override all the reports and your employees’ historical pay slips to the new fund which we do not recommend. We recommend that you set the contribution amount to $0 for the old super fund and set the entire remaining balance to the new fund to ensure that all future contributions are made to the new fund provider.

This will ensure historical payslips are not affected and the new changes are also showing correcting in future payslips.

Pay Run Inclusion Setup for Employee (e.g. Super Salary Sacrifice)

If your employee has pay run inclusion set up, such as super salary sacrifice or super adjustments, you may also need to update the super fund in these inclusion rules.

To do this, you will go to the relavant employee’s profile > Pay Run Inclusions > Select the relevant inclusion rule > Change the super fund to the new one > Save.