Reopen a Closed Tax Period

When a tax period is closed, it will lock all transactions within that date range to prevent any users from changing transaction details. If you wish to edit or remove transactions, as well as post journals in the closed Tax period, you will need to re-open the closed tax period first before doing so.

Reopen a closed tax period will allow you to edit transactions that were dated within this period.

If you closed a tax period and soon realise there was a mistake, simply reopen it, make the changes then save it and close it again. However, if you have already submitted the BAS to the ATO, by reopening a closed tax period means that any changes made on your BAS should be re-submitted as an amendment.

Before you reopen the tax period, it is important to check your user permission. By default, this option is disabled for all users (including the administrator).

Navigate to Administration … Control User Access, click Permissions on the left-hand side of your name to check your user permissions.

Under User Permissions screen, click Tax … Tax Returns and Reports and tick Reopen Tax Period. Click Save.

Once the access is enabled, go to Reports … Tax, click Reopen.

Click Reopen and Yes to confirm the action. The lock icon will disappear from the transaction line.


1. Please note that you can only reopen one tax period at a time. An error message will stop you from doing so if you are trying to reopen multiple closed periods.

2. If the transactions are still being locked after the tax period is reopened, please check if your accountant has set a Lockdown Date for your data. Setting a Lockdown Date will prevent transactions with an earlier date from being entered or changed.

To check this, simply go to Company … Change Company Settings … General Settings … Financial Years.

Access Options:

Check your user access and see if you are allowed to Lock Processing. Usually this option is enabled for all the users unless your administrator has changed your access level. If you are not given this permission, please speak to your administrator.