Bank Statement Mapping Rules

Accounting allows you to map descriptions to certain recurring transactions displayed on your bank or credit card statement.

Mapping Rules

This feature allows you to link the Bank Statement Mapping Rule to a bank or credit card transaction that occurs frequently, so that when your bank or credit card statements are imported, the transactions will automatically be posted to the selected accounts.

The Bank Statement Description will be mapped to the Type, Description and Tax Type of the transaction.

You can create Mapping Rules via the Banking grid by clicking on the Create Rule icon on the transaction line after you have allocated that transaction to an account/customer/supplier. The following Bank Statement Mapping Rules screen displays:

The imported Bank Statement’s Description will automatically populate into the first field of the screen. Edit this to remove any unnecessary wording and leave this as an identifiable and unique keyword or continuous key phrase that will appear on all future related transactions. Accounting uses a keyword/phrase search to identify and allocate transactions if Bank Statement Mapping Rules are set up.

You may enter a Payee in the second field, this is optional.

If you would like to change the imported description of the transaction to a more meaningful and more relevant description, enter the new description in the third field. This is an optional field. The new description will replace the imported bank statement description and will display on all of the processing screens, enquiries and reports.

To view your mapped transactions, go to Banking…Lists…Bank Statement Mapping Rules.

Checking for duplicate transactions will notify you of possible duplicate transactions that you can review before processing.

Click on the Save button to save your mapped transactions.

When you import or upload your next Bank Statement, Accounting will use the saved description to search the corresponding imported bank or credit card statement and allocate the transaction details accordingly.


Accounting allows you to add, edit or delete Mapping Rules. To access the maintenance screen go to Banking…Lists…Bank Statement Mapping Rules.

The following screen displays:

All of your saved Map Descriptions will be listed in this screen.

To add a new Mapping Rule, click on the grey plus button at the end of the line. A new line will display. Complete each column field with the transaction details and the Bank Statement Description to search for.

To delete a Map Description, click on the grey minus button at the end of the line.

Any changes to rules will only affect transactions going forward, not previously allocated transactions.

Click on the Save button to save the new or changed Map Descriptions.