Price lists

Populating your Additional Price Lists

More about price lists:

When you create items, you can link them to all the price lists that you have set up. You can give each price list a unique name. For example, you could have a trade price, a retail price and a distributor price. Accounting also lets you assign a default price list per customer.

You can also copy your selling prices from one price list to another by using the Adjust Item Selling Prices wizard on the Items menu.

There are various ways of populating these new price lists with the item prices:

  • 1. Manual Entry.
  • 2. Copy from your existing price list and adjust the selling prices up or down (Recommended).
  • 3. Import your new prices using the CSV import.

Creating your Price Lists:

To create price lists, select Company…Change Company Settings…General Settings…Item Settings. Click on the Add button (green plus) to add your new price list.

Manual Entry

This is definitely NOT a recommended option but the users will be able to update their additional prices list by editing their Item Masterfiles.

Copying a Price List and adjusting the selling price (Recommended)

The easiest way to populate your additional price lists is as follows; we will use the example of a Default Price List and two new price lists:

  • New Prices A – 10% more than the default price list
  • New Prices B – 10% less than the default price list

Firstly, you will copy the prices from their Default Price Lists to their two new price lists:

  • Copy from another price list (Items…Transactions…Adjust Item Selling Prices)

This will copy the selling prices from the Default Price List to the two new price lists.

The next step would be to adjust these copied selling prices (either increase or decrease). You would do this by returning to the Adjust Item Selling Prices screen and select one of the following options:

  • Adjust Selling Prices
  • Adjust Selling Prices using Quick Entry Grid (Recommended)

Here you will be able to update your new prices by increasing or decreasing the selling price based on selling price (remember the current selling price is the one copied from the Default Price List):

This will populate the quick entry grid which will allow the user to review the new prices and even manually update the prices or GP% themselves.

If you want to manually enter the prices quickly – you can select the quick entry grid and select the increase percentage as 0%. This will make all the new prices AD 0.00 and allow you to populate the grid manually.

Once this is done the Item Selling Prices will be updated.

Importing your new prices

You can also use the normal item import to adjust or update your new and existing selling prices.

Linking a Price List to a Customer

You can link a price list to a specific customer. To do this, you will need to edit the customer masterfile and select the preferred price list for that customer.

To edit the customer, follow these easy steps:

  • 1. Select Customers…Lists…List of Customers.
  • 2. Click on the customer that you want to edit, or click on the Actions button followed by the Edit option.
  • 3. Select the price list that you want to use for the customer in the Default Price List drop down menu.

Click on the Save button.